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Default Re: James Toney vs Chris Eubank At SMW

Originally Posted by Mod-Mania View Post
I don't know which fight you watched Eubank didn't cruise by Watson at all, the first fight could have gone either way the second Watson was crusing by Eubank until the ending.

As for the result of this one.

Phyiscal attributes:
Power: Eubank
Physical Strengh: Eubank
Handspeed: Toney
Reflexes: Toney
Chin: Just about level

Technical attributes
Jab: Toney
Defense: Toney (by miles)
Offense: Toney
Footwork: Toney
Skillset: Toney
Accuracy: Toney (by miles)

Toney is the clear favarote imo

Originally Posted by atberry View Post
Toney had more power than Eubank, admittedly. In terms of defensive reflexes though, Eubank is streets ahead - Toney's roll was all about timing for the counter. Jab? Eubank all day long. Foot movement? Eubank all day long, not remotely close.
Between these two posts, it seems to me that atberry has a better feel for both guys styles and attributes...regardless of who you are picking to win.
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