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Default Re: All I hear is that Pac was dominating the fight

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
How the **** you gonna stop a dude on so much juice that he is sustaining concussions?

You can't stop a dude on that much juice.

Mother ****er didn't even try to defend himself. He was getting parts of his face broken, his brain was getting smashed around so much he was getting concussions, and even though C level Micheal Kastidis could bring him down, somehow Marquez wouldn't go down from Mike Tyson in this fight.

Mother ****er was JUICED like a mother ****er. That's the most JUICED up beating I've ever seen anybody take.

But but wasn't Pacquiao dominating him badly and had him ready to go if it wasn't for his "lucky punch"??

Will you Pac****s make up your minds already.
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