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Default Re: Canelo vs Mayweather? Official?

Originally Posted by techks View Post
Think Canelo's looking to milk his name as much as possible. May be a money-hungry ******* but with the way politics are in boxing I can't blame em. He's still no where near what people make him out to be and we still don't know how good or sucky he is until he steps it up against a solid fighter. Mayweather may be the best now but he's still not a 154 lb'er no matter how many belts he has there.

Still a way better fight than Guerrero-Floyd though lets not make Alvarez into something he's not, calm down and be patient. He hasn't proven he deserves the attention he gets so lets not act like he's some "dangerous" opponent. If Floyd were to beat him with ease he'll just be considered another _____(Insert either green,shot,inexperienced,bum) fighter that Floyd has beaten. Funny how people change their opinions so fast on fighters once Floyd beats em.

Don't get me wrong Floyd is blessed he's in an era of mainly dumbass fighters who don't know fundamentals or what a jab is. Can't knock his ethic or skill he's worked hard to hone both.

good post.

what people here also fail to understand is that in the last 30 years there has not been a successful 5'7" 154-160.

recent undersized successful fighters competing out of their respected weight classes are toney, tyson, tua, griffen and abraham.

all of these fighters except griffen shared one-punch ko power in both hands, something that canelo does not possess.

almost all the legit 154's(floyd is a 147) are calling out canelo and there is a reason for this.

they are not afraid and more than likely know that they can beat that ass.

im so confident that canelo is nothing special that im willing to bet anyone a lifetime esb ban that canelo does not beat three top five 154 fighters(current ranking at the time of fight) before he loses.
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