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Default Re: Canelo vs Mayweather? Official?

Originally Posted by Slickstar View Post
I agree. When he stepped up in competition, which would be the Mosley fight, he had to fight very hard against a shot fighter.

A shot ol Mosley still hit him way more than he should've. Guy has defensive holes and his team know it. Lucky there's no big puncher ala Julian Jackson/Mcclellan in his time and weight he would've gotten decapitated facing such a foe.

Originally Posted by Quincy K View Post
good post.

what people here also fail to understand is that in the last 30 years there has not been a successful 5'7" 154-160.

recent undersized successful fighters competing out of their respected weight classes are toney, tyson, tua, griffen and abraham.

all of these fighters except griffen shared one-punch ko power in both hands, something that canelo does not possess.

almost all the legit 154's(floyd is a 147) are calling out canelo and there is a reason for this.

they are not afraid and more than likely know that they can beat that ass.

im so confident that canelo is nothing special that im willing to bet anyone a lifetime esb ban that canelo does not beat three top five 154 fighters(current ranking at the time of fight) before he loses.
Well put.

Alvarez is also stiff. His punches are pretty damn predictable but he hasn't fought fresh and mobile fighters that could move enough/feel comfortable at the weight to take advantage. Leads me to believe a guy fast/mobile/can counter well beats that ass.

Martinez being the example though Floyd is accurate enough to do so as well. I only question Floyd's reaction time after prison. If he's not faded Canelo will be too predictable and a very easy fight for Floyd bar having his moments.

Floyd is stationary enough to be caught but Alvarez' power is not what people are making it. He couldn't put away M.Hatton, ol faded blown up Mosley, and took about 6 rds to ko a JrWW. Just dont see that "it" factor looking at Alvarez usually hate the overusage of this word but when he steps up consistently he's gonna get exposed and Ima say to many "I told you so, should've listened to me. Looked 'great' fighting elderly and blown up fighters".
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