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Default Re: Marquez is my idol

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
What's Mayweather got to do with anything? I'm calling you, directly, a ***** for not honouring that bet. A man with no honour ain't ****. And now you're on here whining like that ***** you are, but you ain't even got the ***** to be straight up about it, gotta hide it in sarcasm.

***** ain't even a strong enough word.
Off my nutts white boy. Said Floyd because Floyd a G like me and I don't need to honor **** or do what ever your white ass has to say. Don't come here talking about honor at a boxing website ***got. You can't even spell the dam word idiot. I got ***** the size of pomegrantes ya dig. I give props to Marquez finally and your white ass assumes it's sarcasm. You're the one who's thinking something else if you're assuming its sarcasm. Take them nasty thoughts off your mind white boy. Don't even front like you're not a white boy Joe, spelling Honor like Honour and ****, only white boy UK people say that ****. If you say you aren't white but latino then you aren't Joe, rather Ho, correct?

"Show Honour".....**** learn to spell it first ***got
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