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Default Re: Canelo vs Mayweather? Official?

Originally Posted by Quincy K View Post
good post.

what people here also fail to understand is that in the last 30 years there has not been a successful 5'7" 154-160.

recent undersized successful fighters competing out of their respected weight classes are toney, tyson, tua, griffen and abraham.

all of these fighters except griffen shared one-punch ko power in both hands, something that canelo does not possess.

almost all the legit 154's(floyd is a 147) are calling out canelo and there is a reason for this.

they are not afraid and more than likely know that they can beat that ass.

im so confident that canelo is nothing special that im willing to bet anyone a lifetime esb ban that canelo does not beat three top five 154 fighters(current ranking at the time of fight) before he loses.

You have posted a certain amount of **** here but this is your finest,

Knowing his next fight is possibly against Mayweather which he stands a chance of loosing like most of the 154 division.

I'm not sure weather your a Lara fan or just hate Canelo but ill take your bet ,on a condition if Canelo looses to 1 of 3 out of the top 5 I'm out,but when he comes back and beats a top 5 I'm in and your out or if Lara looses within the same time frame.
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