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Default Re: My mate making Tyson Fury smash his caravan up...

Originally Posted by dempseys right View Post
England invented slavery, a hundred years ago you auctioned black people on the docks, took 500 of a carabian island, threw 60% in the sea that dident survive the journey, Irish travelers are the result of cromwell, god curse his bones, who took ireland of the farmers, along with there small holdings, saying thay had to pay rent to live on there own land, some couldent afford this and became disposessed, so whenever or whatever they do that makes you not like them now, is ****all to what your ancesters done to make them deeply dispise and have no respect for you's AT ALL.
Wrong, the Romans enslaved other nations long before England. The Arabs enslaved people , on an organised level whilst the British Isles inhabitants ran around half naked with flint weapons.
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