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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by Body Head View Post
Loudon, which Middleweight/Super Middleweight in the 90's would give Jones the most problems...or is there any fighter you'd take over Jones in the 90's?

Roy wasn't at his absolute peak until he was in his mid 20's at 168.

I think there's a lot of fighters that would have given him trouble.

I think a younger Mike McCallum would have given him all he could handle. But Mike's peak was at 154. So they would have been at different weights.

But I think a younger 160 version of Mike, like the one Toney fought would have troubled him.

I think Herol Bomber Graham would also have caused him a lot of trouble. Although Bomber's peak was in the 80's really.

A young Micheal Nunn would have caused him a lot of trouble at 160, but not so much at 168, and I think he'd faded quite a lot at 175.

Jackson and the G-Man would have been dangerous.

At 168,

I think Eubank would have been a little awkward.

I think Benn would have charged him and been dangerous for about 4/5 rounds.

Liles would definitely have troubled Roy being a southpaw with his attributes.

I Honestly don't believe that Collins or Calzaghe would have caused him that much trouble when he was in his peak.

DM at 175 would have caused him a bit of trouble, but I'd have picked Roy to outpoint him in the end.

Styles make fights. I think he'd have had his hands full with the fighters I've mentioned, especially Nunn and McCallum earlier.

But without being biased, I honestly think he'd have beaten them all.

I think people tend to forget just how fast he was, especially at 160.

I think his speed would have caused lots of problems, and neutralised a lot of their attacks.

Regards, Loudon.
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