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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
I know the game plan David Haye was trying to implement, it was to dance around and then occasionally ambush. With David Haye's strengths and weaknesses..? It was a very safe game plan for him, very safe, and the completely obvious one!

Even though David Haye is pretty much the same size as Holyfield & Tyson he does not have their true heavyweight strength or durability, this is why he always users these ambush tactics at heavyweight!

Barry McGugain, was the only guy stating that..? David Haye should stand his ground, and when i watch this fight over and over again! I totally agree with Barry McGugain.

And i also disagree, i think David Haye could match or out jab Wladimir Kiltschko, or at-least make a impression with it. Too many fighters get intimidated by reach, its not just about reach.
There was no way Haye could 'out jab' Wlad. He could counter his jab, he could try and take away his jab, but not in a million years could he out jab him from distance. Height and reach is what has made Wlad so dominant. It matters! especially when you mix it with good boxing acumen.

I don’t mean to be a killjoy, PK. but we need to be realistic about David Haye's abilities against someone like Wlad. Sorry to say it, but Haye can’t beat Tim Witherspoon or Pinklon Thomas. The guy did the best he could with what he had. He can’t subtly shift inside like Joe Louis or James Toney and take advantage of Wlad’s non infighting ability. He does not have that Holyfield, Marciano, Frazier type of toughness where he walk through hell to get to his man. He's also not a super skilled, slick fighter.

Mike Tyson out jabbed, Tony Tucker for 12 rounds!
Haye is not Tyson. Completely different styles and levels.

If you look back to the David Haye vs Audley Harrison fight..? Audley Harrison was another 6"6 and had a even bigger reach than Wladimir Kiltscko.

David Haye came out and stood his ground, he did not stalk Audley Harrison! But he stood his ground!

If David Haye would of fought the same fight he did against Wladimir Kiltscko, against Audley Harrison..? I doubt, he would of stopped Audley Harrison! and Harrison would of gained confidence and started throwing more jabs, and more shots.
Haye could do whatever he wanted against Harrison. Not the case with Wlad.

I doubt David Haye will use them ambush tactics again, if he faces Wladimir Kiltschko.

They may work against bigger slower heavyweights.

But not big heavyweights, who are also very athletic! and have immense speed! Like Wladimir Kiltschko.

And if it means A heightened risks of being caught with big shots..? Thats the risk he has to take.

But if David Haye ever faces Vitaili Kilschko, he will adopt these ambush .
That's just who Haye is, PK. That's the way he's fought most of his career at this level. I can’t understand why people are so shocked at how Haye fought. That fight was never ganna be an action-packed fight. Haye would have been killed had he fought a pressing fight and people would call him dumb. Haye does not have the skillset or physical toughness to fight that kind of fight. That's just the way it is. You can't expect him to morph into different fighter overnight.

Haye was knocked down 4 times as a pro and knocked OUT 3 times as an amateur. He's a *****y guy, with good power, but not a relaxed guy, who can shift in the pocket and give a systematic beat down. There was NO other fight he could have fought.

He needed a Evander Holyfield type of toughness to win that fight. Some talk about Wlad’s lack of toughness. Well Wlad does lack toughness but he doesn’t have to take as much because of his huge stature. It’s a tough feeling when punches are bothering you more than the eye can see. Fighters fight the style that is most comfortable to them most of the times. Haye fights that darty, frenetic style because punishment bothers him. It’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just what it is.

In the last 30 years tell me how many guys, who are not THAT durable but can go ***** to walls and engage in high contact fights at the elite level. I can only think of 2, Tommy Hearns and Terry Norris. Haye is nowhere near those guys.
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