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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by JFT96 View Post
Does anyone see similarities in the styles of Degale and Bute? I think they're are quite a few.

Obviously both are southpaws are primarily counter punchers. They each throw decent uppercuts which are one of their strongest weapons and although Bute's is a little sharper and more frequent, I think they both neglect the jab. You see more single punches than combinations from the pair of them and they ahve that similar crouched down style of stance, waiting for their opponent to commit. I also think a negative point for both is the ease with which they get backed up onto the ropes because it's a weak area for both.

Obviously, they're not carbon copies of each other but there is a likeness in their styles I feel. Bute is the better body puncher of the two and carries more power without doubt but I'd say James is slightly the better fighter when putting combinations together.
Good observation on your part there, J. Yeah, they are somewhat similar.

Degale strikes me as a one handed fighter on offense. I really think his right hand is so much more less effective then is left. His left is beautiful at times. As an uppercut, straight and even when he uses it as a jab when he switches. His right is the opposite. Every punch he throws with that right hand is a slap. And i think i know why...
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