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Default Re: Canelo vs Mayweather? Official?

Originally Posted by mosseylennon View Post
You have posted a certain amount of **** here but this is your finest,

Knowing his next fight is possibly against Mayweather which he stands a chance of loosing like most of the 154 division.

I'm not sure weather your a Lara fan or just hate Canelo but ill take your bet ,on a condition if Canelo looses to 1 of 3 out of the top 5 I'm out,but when he comes back and beats a top 5 I'm in and your out or if Lara looses within the same time frame.
im not a lara fan. check my posts.

if im talking **** put up or shut up.

three wins to top five before a loss or STFU.

this bet has nothing to do with erislandry lara, it has everything to do with a knowledgeabke boxing guy thats sick of al the BS,taunting and emoticans by you clueless canelo backers.

and ill waive the 1000 post requirement.

floyd is not a 154. in fact, canelo has just as much a chance of beating mayweather than he does all the rest of the legit 154's.

any savvy boxing guy will tell you the same thing. but youre too clueless to understand this.

in fact, well eliminate floyd from the bet.

not whats it gonna be, toughguy?
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