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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime


Dariusz Michalczewski & Graciano Rocchigianni.

Hi mate,

Go to post 78 on this thread to read about DM.

Roch was supposed to be fighting Roy in 2000, and Telesco was Roy's replacement.

I was hoping to see Roy Jones Jr fight these two guys even if it meant him going to their yards to get the job done. Thought Roy should have braved up and cleaned up the division with fights against each. They didn't have to be in close proximity to one another but he should have these guys on his resume.

Would have also been nice to be talking about Jones' trilogies with Toney and Hopkins. Easily could have happened with both. 3 fights total is not satisfactory especially with one a rematch that came decades past the due date.

This doesn't make an ounce of sense to me. How could Roy have had a trilogy with Toney and Hopkins? Unless you think that Hop would have won an earlier rematch, it doesn't make sense.

Trilogies come when two fighters have a close fight, and then there's a call for a rematch. If both fighters are 1-1 then a rubber match is the decider, or they may have been controversy surrounding the result.

Roy embarrassed James Toney. There was no need to fight him again. I think if he had have done, then the result would have been the same, if Roy was peak.

But there was never any need to rematch him in the first place. I respect your opinion, but I can't understand your thinking.

Chris Byrd is another guy I would have liked to have seen him fight too. Two guys with different use of speed and tactics, angles and counter punches.
I think that would have been an intruiging fight.

Regards, Loudon.
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