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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime


I'm quite sure now that you do not have any credible source telling us that Kohl dismissed the offer without looking at it.
What are you talking about? The proposed double header led to a fight that was worth in the region of $6M

Kohl dismissed the proposal

But how can you say that when you do not know the offer? You dont know the offer
I don't know the offer? Kohl turned down the proposal. It was nothing to do with how much money DM was going to get paid. He turned down the idea of it, by saying DM wasn't an undercard fighter which was re****ed.

DM was getting paid $1M-$1.5M

The double header was a good idea to hype the fight, to make it big.

Kohl turned down the opportunity, and then DM continued fighting guys like Hall for the same money he'd been on.

Now what does that say to you??

Or maybe he just had no guaranteed shot at Jones afterwards?
Don't be an idiot! Why the **** would HBO want to stage a double header, if they weren't definitely going to make the fight afterwards?

Would you take the undercard slot for less than you make normally without a guaranteed Jones-shot?
Of course it was guaranteed you fool! Again, why the **** would HBO want to pay for a double header to promote a fight, but then NOT go through with it? Ha! You're being ridiculous!

The fight with Roy was worth about $6M to DM.

I sure would not knowing Jones elusiveness at the negotiating table. Who's to say that Jones wouldn't back out and tell everyone that he'd now pursue a shot at Holyfield/Tyson/Lewis instead?
Because at the time, the fight with DM was Roy's main objective. Murad approached those fighters two years after these talks were held.

I'd say Kohl would be a terrible businessman if just took such an offer.
What offer?

At the end of the rainbow, there was a potential $6M and a chance to win his old belts back.

The opportunity was turned down, to instead carry on fighting guys like Hall and Harmon for $1M-1.5M

Wake the **** up!

According to Kohl, DM was too good to appear on an undercard with Roy, even though it would have hyped the fight for a huge unification showdown.

Apparently DM was too proud.

Funny how he then went on to fight Richard Hall twice.

Too proud to promote a fight with the best fighter in the world, but he was ok fighting Harmon and Hall. Right, I've got you! Makes perfect sense.

Kohl was either the WORST BUSINESSMAN who's ever been in business, or DM didn't want the fight. Which one are you going with?

Or Jones just did not want to commit. That's another possible explanation for those of us who don't take the words from one of the parties as gospel.
Commit?? He sent Brad Jacobs to have talks with Kohl and HBO to try and MAKE the fight!

He fought on HBO 25 times. Of course he was commited, they paid him a fortune, and everybody wanted the fight.

You haven't got a clue.

Nobody could come to the conclusion that you have, after reading those 5 articles and watching that video.

So I'm assuming you're winding me up, for a laugh?

Nobody could be this daft.

You really are the Danish Bailey.

You and him would be the greatest lawyers that had ever lived.

You should get in contact with him. You could both make millions.

Regards, Loudon.
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