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Default Re: All I hear is that Pac was dominating the fight

Originally Posted by divac View Post
Thats not how it went down John. At no point in round 6 was Marquez in any danger of being stopped. Both fighters landed good shots in that round.
You're a regular at the Wildcard Gym John so its all good that you're rooting for Pacqiuao, but you likely were washing round 6 still riding the high of round 5.

Checkout round 6 here. At no point is Pacquiao throwing caution to the wind in round 6. Pacquiao actually backed away at an angle fromm a rushing Marquez and then went to Marquez trying to guage (guage John, not throwing caution to the wind) by throwing a double type of a lazy jab that Marquez timed and made him pay for.

Pacquiao uses that double flick of a jab all the time, so it not anything new to Marquez. Marquez knowing Pacquiao's habits, sensed that Pacquiao's left was coming right after it, and was just way ahead of Pacquiao in beating him to the punch.
You can see Pacquiao gearing his left to throw it when the right lands crumbling Pacquiao.

Dominating? I think not!!!

Watch for yourself JG!
Juan wasn't in any real trouble in round 6. However, he lost the round outside of that last counter that ended the fight. Pac's left hand was finding a home on Marquez's face all night and had Juan not been the boxer he is and missed that opportunity Manny would have easily won that round based on what happened for 99% of round 6.
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