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Default Re: My 10th amateur fight (video)


Welcome to the forum. I fought MW in the ams, (retired at 20 -1) many many years ago. Good memories.

You looked really good for your 10th. Great balance, decent footwork, fast right hand that's hard to see coming.

The one negative I see is with your left:

1: You sometimes throw it from a very low position, and when you do, it's also slower than usual. In the pros, a good counter-puncher will take your head off. Work on that left-hand defense! (and shoulder, and you head position.) It's good, but it's not consistent.

2: When you throw the straight left, there's something not quite right about your body alignment. I can't quite explain it, but I can "feel" it while watching you. You sort of push it instead of snapping it. Find a really good trainer, and work to maximize your leverage & speed when you throw it.

(And then sometimes throw it slow anyway, to confuse your opponent and throw off his timing. Watch Wlad, he's a master at this.)


Last word of advice:

Find a great trainer and trust him. Don't take advice from guys on this forum, including me !

- seriously.

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