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Default Re: Canelo vs Mayweather? Official?

Originally Posted by Quincy K View Post
you wouldnt need the power of jackson or mccellan. tito, vargas, dlh and norris would do him in. prime winky toys him.

canelo is a poor mans 154 version of tommy morrison because he does not have the one-punch power of the duke yet has the same plodding footwork and suspect defense. also, tommy was very durable which is unknown at this point re canelo.
Maybe even Trout does him in too. Just sick of the hype of this man people should at least wait til he beats someone worth a **** so I threw in JJ & G-man. Just feel he'll get destroyed soon and people will really be let down but we'll see. Have a reminisce about Lemiux and Bute when I think about Alvarez. When will people calm the **** down and wait until someone has proven something before riding their **** like a pogo stick?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Man I love unification.

can't stand people saying canelo isn't ready. He's claiming to be the light middle weight champion of the world. He's talking the talk, it is time to see if he can walk the walk.

Champ v champ. It's these fights that I love in boxing
Not that he isn't ready it's just that he isn't really a "champ" because he didn't beat a decent 154 fighter. Floyd would be a great way to start but sucks he's waiting for his 45th(?) fight to test himself. Should still be a solid fight.

Originally Posted by Hotsauce View Post
by that logic u shouldn't have a problem with floyd vs guerrero
Great counter attack.

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post

That fight is worth another look. Floyd was sharper than fresh razor blades that night. Mosley caught him with some good shots because Mosley was still more than servicable and capable of pulling the trigger. Pac could've had Mosley first, they werent interested.
Might be my fav Floyd fight. Oddly Ortiz despite the ending is up there too with me.

"Mosley, you're too good". Then they wait until Mosley looks done against Money that was a ***** move.
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