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Default Re: Real Reason Floyd beat Marquez

Originally Posted by PhilthyRich View Post
To be fair, Floyd winning 12-0 against Marquez is a bit unfair. Here's why. Marquez fought Floyd at too young of an age. Had Marquez waited till he was older, he might've been able to make it an even better match. Not saying Marquez wins, but had he waited until he was older, he would've been able to put up a better match since he is a lot bigger and stronger at an older age than at a younger age. People talk about styles make fights, which is true, but I think Marquez was still too young since now, he has hit his natural prime.

3 years younger and FLABBY

3 years older and SOLID
Sure looks like Pac is the bigger to me. But of course, PEDcquiao is natural!
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