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Default Re: Real Reason Floyd beat Marquez

Originally Posted by richie leon View Post
LMAO Marquez was 'young and immature' at age 36 after more than 50 pro fights?

And what's even funnier is that at the time, Floyd was criticized not just for fighting a smaller but also an 'old' Marquez, which sounds pretty re****ed now considering what Marquez has accompliished in the more than 3 years since. But back then there was this whole "Floyd only fights old guys" vibe going on.

Wonder what they would say if a 36 year old Mayweather would lose to a Guerrero, Bradley or Alvarez. Would ppl say that he's 'old' now??
Yes, as we can see he was never able to beat poochiao until he was almost 40. Had he waited to fight Floyd at an older age, (since he gets stronger and bigger with age) then he would've had a better shot. That's what everyone is saying right, he got big naturally and with hard work.

Well according to the Marquez rule, Floyd will get stronger as he gets older as well because no one has Hard Work Dedication more than Floyd so he will be even stronger than Marquez at 40 if all it takes is natural supplements and hard work dedication
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