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Default Re: Real Reason Floyd beat Marquez

Look, he lost for so many reasons...

1- Styles make fights. Marquez had to be the aggressor because with Mayweather's reach he had to get inside to win, therefore had to be the aggressor and go totally against his main strength

2 - He couldn't handle the weight gain,he looked soft and big coming up 2 divisions...after that he fought at 140 adn 147 far more regularly and his third fight with Pacquiao was at he had time to train and his body was far more used to the weight

3 - Mayweather, who goes on about catchweights agreed a 144 catchweight with the much smaller Marquez, then comes in at 146 compared to 142 - the difference on fight night was much bigger

So it's pointless talking about it. Marquez and Pacquiao are the same size, who have fought in the smae divisions. Mayweather is a natural welterweight, perhaps even a slightly big welterweight. Marquez and Pacquiao are natural lightweights. Pacquiao walks around at 138, he has to eat 7 times a day just to gain weight before fights.

Likewise Pacquiao has looked far more impressive against many other fighters Floyd faced....
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