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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

Originally Posted by orriray59 View Post
Seems like a great idea, and if implemented correctly will be a fantastic tool for the boxing community.
You need a P4P list, though. I understand that you've gotta get all the other weights together, but a P4P ranking system is a must.
There's support on the Board and from the public for a P4P list, that's for sure.

We're working on figuring out how to do it in a sensible manner --we have to do it right or not at all. It isn't something we want to wing or totally formalize -we have to find the right middle. The key will be the criteria. It has to organize everyone's thoughts just enough for consistency -we can't have some guys factoring in "PPV buys" and "impact on the sport" and other guys drawing names out of a hat.
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