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Default Left cross?

Okay, so a funny thought ran across my mind thursday night, which I immediately practiced shadow boxing, then Friday I tried it out on a bag, then today, Saturday morning, I tried it out in sparring.

It's an orthodox left cross.
Just to clarify - I don't mean a hard left jab, or a southpaw left cross. I mean a straight left thrown from orthodox stance with some hip rotation.

It was just an experiment - cuz I was curious to know why I don't see people do this, or train it, or talk about it. And it wouldn't be as devastating as a right cross, but for the same reasons, it could be a very sneaky unexpected punch. (or maybe it's been discussed before, i've only trained for about a year and a half).

In sparring, it landed quite successfully, I musta tried it about 4/5 times.
Not as strong as a right cross, but definitely stronger than a good stiff jab.

I set it up with a quick left jab (with diagonal forward/left step), then whip the left cross across the chin with the upper body rotation.

I think in time I could develop this into a harder punch, but for now - it seemed to achieve its goal, which was to come at an unexpected angle (which is a slightly sharper angle than a southpaw left cross).

Anyone have any experience w/this punch or have any opinions about it?
Waste of time? Worthwhile?
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