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Default Re: The method - johnny famechon

The book is good; but remember that the master - Ambrose Palmer, did not write it. Frank Quill and John Famechon wrote it; and whilst Fammo was still quite ill (after being hit by a car in Sydney.)

As a Palmer pupil, I did not think that the book is precisely detailed and revealed what Palmer actually delivered whilst teaching it. It seemed a bit short of some of Palmers teaching methods, in my view. I suppose this is to be expected from a different observer and deliverer. As a former boxer, trainer, I think that the book is still valuable as a teaching guide.

Famechon's boxing display as a pro boxer, oozed what The Methods results can produce.

Remember also, that The Method was much older that Ambrose Palmer; his dad taught him The Method and Palmer used it and boxed with it to protective perfection. The Method was taught by others also. My father learned The Method from young boxers at St.Vincents orphanage in the pre-war thirties; and some boxers promoted and taught it at Poppa Johnsons (Melbourne boxing trainer) in the early forties. Palmer started teaching the Method, in the early forties.

It is to be expected that different teachers of The Method, deliver it slightly differently, or describe it differently. There is a video on Youtube of Palmer delivering a small part of the drill work required in the delivery of The Method. What is missing in this video, is the defensive stategies behind every punch delivered. It does show the drills of ducking and catching punches, and where you should be when you come up from a ducked punch. I am sure you will find it if you search Ambrose Palmer boxing on Youtube. One of the great teaching skills Palmer had, which he used in his delivery of the Method, was to silently demonstrate or model the action he required. Palmer was a master in modelling and teaching boxing skills.

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