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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
It's better with no belts because it really should stay pure and clean.

The flyweight division is a good example of why I don't feel lineage has any value at present but hopefull viloroa and Igarashi will compete the clean up this mess.

Out of interest stonehands, in terms of successions, has this ranking board replaced the ring for you?
The fact that The Ring's rankings have been utterly compromised presents problems for any researcher and fan with an eye on history. Boxing needs an objective, authoritative rankings body that can be trusted. That was a major motivation behind the Trans Rankings.

The Ring's monthly ratings are good (for me, et al.) from May 1928 until May 2012 (though the problems began before then, and after Nigel Collins and his editors were dismissed). Between May and September 2012, The Ring may have to be the default ratings used. In a perfect world, the Trans Rankings would have begun in June, but this stuff takes time to design, debate, organize, recruit, adapt to changing conditions, etc.

So, yes, I think it crazy that the Trans Rankings would not be the go-to rankings for purists and eventually everyone -from October 2012 on.
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