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Originally Posted by r1p00pk View Post
i mean i guess you could, just step to the right with your lead leg and then fire. Gamboa did it against montiel.
Wouldn't stepping to the right with lead foot, as an orthodox fighter cause you to cross your legs?
Also, I can't find any video of Gamboa vs. Montiel - did you mean someone else? (Montiel not listed as one of Gamboa's opponents)

[It's called a screw shot.]

A screw shot, in my understanding is an upwards jab with the palm up. Is that what you meant?
The left cross i'm describing is different, I'm throwing the left similarly to a right cross, with the palm down and the punch crosses diagonally from your opponent's left to right (past opponent's right shoulder towards the chin).

Sorry guys, not trying to argue, just trying to find some examples of other fighters using this to get a sense of their success. I'll try it in some more combos and report back.
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