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Default Re: Strength conditioning for boxing


I have been struggling to create and stick to a strength training routine for a couple years now to supplement my boxing... As long as Ive been on my forum I dont know why I have not visited this post yet... I will begin to go through the workouts posted here, thank you all very much, I will check in with how I feel about some of them upon completion! I believe I wil start with the link jboogaloo referred to just to get the juices flowing! So thank you all in advance for this.

Edit: Is that program alone enough for a strength training program for an amateur fighter? I am hurting for time with boxing and work(full time, 1 1/2 hour each way commute) as it is. Is there something I could add to this routine to make it more suitable, or should I just do something else?

(I did strength training in school about 4 years ago before boxing, chest, back and bis on even days, legs shoulders, tris on odd days, then for about 2 years(during boxing) I would do a deck of card full of push ups and crunches each night...Since then I will think of some over complicated routine, do it for a week, forget about it, rinse and repeat...) Thats about all the strength training experience I have... So basically I have gotten by on just roadwork and boxing specific training, lol. (13-3 in ams, won VA/NC GG as a novice last year, I am far from the best but I work hard)

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