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Default Re: Mark DeMori v New Opponent - 21 Dec, Jupiters Casino, QLD

Originally Posted by Totalpac View Post
And just before that he went 10 rounds with one of the all time greats

Sorry to spoil your little story but >>>

The 42 year old James Toney weighed in 20 pounds heavier than he'd ever fought at in his 22 year career, and as you'll see in the video, had his gut hanging down almost to his knees.

The only reason Reed managed to go the distance was because the obesely out of condition Toney could barely move and Reed stayed well away from him.

In any case Reed didn't win a single round on any of the judges scorecards, and achieved only survival against a fat opponent who couldn't move well enough to catch him.

Thanks for posting the clip to help emphasize my points
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