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Default Re: Strength conditioning for boxing

Originally Posted by MagnificentMatt View Post

Is that program alone enough for a strength training program for an amateur fighter? I am hurting for time with boxing and work(full time, 1 1/2 hour each way commute) as it is. Is there something I could add to this routine to make it more suitable, or should I just do something else?
I didn't really read the prior posts but if you're s****ped for time, maybe consider looking into some modified quasi powerlifting programs like Starting Strength, all the 5x5 variations, or Wendler's 531. And just alter the schedule for 2 strength training workouts per week.

(I did strength training in school about 4 years ago before boxing, chest, back and bis on even days, legs shoulders, tris on odd days, then for about 2 years(during boxing)
The programs I mentioned tend to stick with just the basic movements at a bare minimum. Also, I think it's a mistake to adopt a body part split when it comes to strength training. They tend to require too many workout days or too much volume, hence they take up too much of your precious time. So stick with compound lifts, and drop the isolation exercises altogether.

A simple workout with just the basics (Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Rows, Power Cleans/Snatches, Push/Pull ups) and some ab work can go a long way. It won't necessarily make you a better boxer (that's what your boxing trainer and training partners are for) but it'll provide you with re**** strength without re****ation as a requisite.
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