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Default Re: Mark DeMori v New Opponent - 21 Dec, Jupiters Casino, QLD

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
u have just made yourself look like a complete idiot by this comment.

losing every round to a granpa blimp is not a something to brag about imo.

this is where team mdm is going wrong. they keep trying to justify these pathetic matchups and r believing their own bull**** now.

the time for excuses is well and trully over.
Couldn't agree more

de Mori's matchmaker tried to justify the completely shot and 42 year old Rob Calloway on the basis he went the distance with Chauncy Welliver. Truth is Welliver doesn't knock people out - 30% KO ratio. Calloway didn't win a single round off him, and Welliver demonstrated not long after that he's gone.

Not hard to see why the matchmaker has stopped posting.
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