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Default Re: The method - johnny famechon

The Method, is a vast system of defensive boxing strategies. These strategies relate to stance, posture, punching moves, catching and blocking expected punches, randomly ducking punches, counter punching, building defensive style & technique into all boxing punches, building pace, foot placement and fluent movement accross the ring.....simplified, The Method's objective or philosophy ? is to hit, and not be hit.

I'll give you an example of building-in defensive strategies into one punch: Before you throw this punch, you must cater for the what ifs....the whatifs?..are usually the expected incoming blows that might be thrown in a countermove attack by your opponent. Simple punch for example: you throw a left jab, and you expect to be hit by either an incoming left jab, or right cross over your left lead.....Q: so what mechanism do you build into the left jab.... Answer: you hop up, and your back foot is about one foot behind your left foot, and it is used as the power foot leverage for your left jab; defensively you've tucked your chin in behind your left shoulder, and you hold your right hand rigidly over your chin..... You deliver your left jab solidly and rapidly (never tokenly). You remain alert, in wait for some expected return left jab from your opponent, or his right cross over the top of your left lead, and you remain highly alert for a sudden signal from him that he is going for a left hook as a return blow (as you throw your left lead) and, in this left hook case, you continue delivering you left jab, still tucking your chin behind your left lead, but moving your right hand sideways and over to cover your temple and diminish the power of his left hook (catch it and cover its power to the side of your head) So the defensive mechanism, or defensive counter move, is built in to the left lead punch. The finess in this strategy comes with your constant ROTE. (repitition of this exercise)

Another quick one: Palmer, and my dad, discouraged(more-so banned) the throwing of a right uppercut as a punch thrown as an initial blow, because if it is thrown initially as the lead punch, it opens up your chin for a left hook, or you can be destroyed by the opposition's quick stepback and left counter, or quick right cross thrown through to the amazing how some boxers think that they can beat the hand of fate, and throw a lead right uppercut...foolish, high risk takers....) I have seen so many stupid fighters fly backwards onto their **** as they have tried to be successful in landing their lead right uppercut..... So the Method could also be regarded as the strategic science and risk management behind each move and punch.

Palmer delivered four rounds each night to his up and coming boys, and existing fighters.....If you are going to deliver or practise the Method, you should begin practise continually, the ducking and catching of punches as Palmer instigates in the video...that I recommended (previously). Having that stance, and that ability to catch punches, or duck them, builds the beginning of the mind set to not get hit, and to deliver counter blows and defensive attacks. Ducking punches and not being where your opponent thinks you were, is a great strategy to bamboozle any class of fighter....making em miss saps their energy too.....

Palmer's ROTE in catching punches was useful in saving the day/night...he called it 'tucking up'; often this tucking up method was used when a boxer had been delivered a bomb, and the tucking up and catching of following punches, helped him get through to the end of the round, and the finish of the fight. We dont see these protective strategies today.

I hope I have been of a slight help to you.

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