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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Who knows luff? Here's hoping.

I still pick up Ring occasionally for the pictures and the articles, some of which are ace. But I don't subscribe any more. I remember opening up the issue that landed on my doormat one Monday morning to read a detailed breakdown of the keys to victory for both Dawson and Ward - a fight that had happened two days before.

I almost cancelled THE ECONOMIST some years ago when I lived in the Arctic and my mail-delivered copy's headline was something like WAR LOOMS IN THE GULF, referring to the FIRST Gulf War in Kuwait.

The war had been over a week or so at that time.

A print version of a magazine has a real difficult time competing with on-line media. A lot of thought probably went into that keys-to-victory article. Shame it didn't make its rounds till it became passť.

At any rate, despite the large number of trolls and so forth on here, I find there are sufficient reasonably knowledgeable posters on ESB that it's easier to keep abreast of the sport by logging on a few hours a week than reading dated magazine articles. The back-and-forth nature of the debate, often in near real time adds to the site's advantage over RING.

An unfortunate downside was my discovery of THE LOUNGE, which has since become my favourite waste of time.
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