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Default Re: Who are your favourite muay thai/kick boxing fighters?

Originally Posted by avk47
I'm Russian and I've never heard of it, it can't be that mainstream even if it does exist!

On the other hand, alcohol is a tragic achilles heal for many post Soviet people. Many people I knew ****ed their lives because of it, and it's a real shame if Ignashov drank away the talent he had. It's partly because life has always been tough there, men drink, and their drinking makes things even more ****er... some kind of vicious circle really.
I saw a news peice here in Australia (on SBS) on the drinking problems in Russia, that's when the 'alco-movie' came up, they showed 'highlights' of a short film which consisted of two guys drinking in a bar without any actual dialogue... suffice to say, I didn't get it

I can give you the name of one 'Alco-movie', though I haven't seen it, 'A fate' by Andrey Silvestrov.

Also, that's a shame about Ignashov, he won't bounce back if he can't control his drinking.
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