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Default Re: Mark DeMori v New Opponent - 21 Dec, Jupiters Casino, QLD

Originally Posted by boxoncottonon View Post
Not sure if you noticed but this is not a Disney production, boxing is serious stuff where people can and have suffered irreparable damage. Mark shouldn't be taking these fights. His management need to sort themselves out and get Mark the fights he really needs. Mark has been reprimanded once already for staging nothing more than sparring session as legitimate pro fight. It would be difficult to see Mark do nothing more than win this fight once again on body shots as a deliberate strategy to limit the damage metered out and give the opponent ample time to take a knee. Not good for the sport mate. As you have already pointed out Mark can only fight was is put in front of him so the question and consequences lay with his management.
I appreciate the intelligent post. Thankyou.

I understand it's not a Disney production and the seriousness of it all, was trying to make light of the keyboard warriors getting their knickers in a knot over and over again.

If Mark can stay positive after having to deal with let downs time and time again in what is his chosen profession that he's dedicated his life to, who is anyone else to complain.

Should he take these fights? In my opinion of course. When the option is that or nothing why not. After his zero fights in 2 years I think he has learnt that lesson.

I am still yet to think of or be given a name of someone who is:

1) Willing on 10 days notice
2) Be approved by DK
3) Be proven on an international stage
4) And has made it officially known to Team MDM to let them know they are interested in being an opponent
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