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Default Re: Mundine-Geale card

Originally Posted by Sandman_ View Post
At $500 for a ringside seat, yes I am, Bruiser.

I kinda hoped Vic would get a start given he's a Gary Shaw fighter & it would be a great opportunity for him to fight in front of a big crowd in Australia which is something he deserves after the career he's had.

I would also have liked to be present to see Damien Hooper's pro debut. He's the best amateur we've had since Geale.
I guess with that sort of outlay you'd want to be happy And me to tight to even subscribe to foxtel

Darchinyan is always a crowd pleaser and deserves more recognition domestically. As for Hooper, I hear so many things about him, including his pro debut that its got me worried it might not happen.
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