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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by knockout artist View Post
It's always refreshing to read the musings of a sagacious poster such as yourself.

I agree, Groves' power is now proven against a durable opponent. I just hope Ward doesn't treat Groves like he did Bute, and steer clear. I was a big Ward fan, but I've been disappointed since the Froch fight. I thought could go on to become a great fighter, but since the Super 6 he made a joke of a fight against drained Dawson, and now Kelly Pavlik. Could either of those guys even be considered top 20 at SMW? Of course not

I'd give him all the respect if he would take on a tough up and comer like Groves though. As if now, I think the Saint would beat Abraham - who I've never rated
I have to agree with you, and while people can say Froch beat Bute, can anyone honestly say that if Bute turned up properly he isn't a much worse match up for Ward then the rather more one dimensional Froch. Ward's power is below average at best so would not hurt Bute as much as Bute's known to have good power while Ward was put on his **** by D.Boone.

As for drained Dawson and Pavlik look at it like this, Dawson has no 168 and was proven to have a glass jaw and heart when in weight drained zombie mode, and what has Pavlik ever done above middleweight?

I agree with you about respecting Ward for taking on Groves. My respect for Bute skyrocketed when I heard he was going to Nottingham. Even after the hilarious defeat I still respect him more than pre-froch. At least Bute has some *******s. When is going to step up his game back to the S6 level and even that was angled in his favour to begin with.

Fantastic to chat with an esteemed poster like yourself
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