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Default Re: Burns is 30 and wants a tune up before he fights Broner plus he wants a lot of $$

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
That's a very balanced and well though out post mate.
Even as a Burns fan,I'm liking that post a lot,because I've never been sure Ricky could win,but even with the points I disagree with,the post makes a great deal of sense.
I still believe Ricky wants the fight though,February was never a viable option given the wasted camp and the fact that Broner could well hand him his first loss as a champion.
If you're going into the lion's den,you should have top level preparation.
Ricky isn't Gary Sykes.
Cheers pal.

Wow forgot gary sykes nearly fought broner!

With sykes tendancy for slow starts and broners power that could have genuinely been career ending for sykes!

Sad part for burns is he will never get the respect he deserves.His improvement has been immense to go from being beat by johanssen to where he is now is just incredible and a great achievement.

AS i said in a post the other day so many people wrote burns off as domestic level and refused to eat humble pie when he did what he did in beating an excellant champ in martinez.

I f i was his team id advice securing my mans future before this fight because who knows if will get any other pay days after the potential beating he could take.That said his fights have to step up to point where he will be prepared to face broner.And lets be honest liam walsh isnt that kind of fight
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