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Default Re: Mark DeMori v New Opponent - 21 Dec, Jupiters Casino, QLD

Originally Posted by Ding View Post
Usually I don't say anything because I don't want to burn bridges, but I don't really give a **** anymore. I sent the promoter an email over a week ago stating that if anything happened with Brown that I'd be willing to step in.

Damon ****ing Reed, he's not even a good punching bag at this point of his career. And yes, if I catch Mark with a hay-maker, he's out. I wouldn't be coming for a points victory. If anyone gets upset, cool, send a contract. My medicals are good, passport etc. Bags are packed.
de Mori's matchmaker posts here fairly regularly but is noticeable by his absence since the Damon Reed fight was made. I'd be keeping away too if I was responsible for this disgraceful mismatch.
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