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Default Re: Bareknuckle fight

Originally Posted by Ricky42791 View Post
How is this being organized? doesn't sound sanctioned by any means. i'd be careful if i were you dont get hurt in some stupid glorified street fight. however if you do choose compete practice bobbing under his haymakers bending at the knees while looking at him the whole time. I'd beat his body up targeting aforementioned the liver (left hook to the body) solar plexus you can hit with a cross or a uppercut on the inside. Jab the body hard too. When he's tuckered out or you've hurt him bad enough then go upstairs
It's going to be two of us fighting in a car park with two referees to stop any fouls or rule breaking from happening. There will be no rounds, just fight on to the finish until someone gives up and admits defeat. Thanks for your advice man, I'll make sure to remember it on the day of the fight.
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