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Okay, so this topic doesn't seem as ridiculous after I read a particular article.

Disclaimer: I do not necessarily endorse this writer's opinion, he doesn't claim to be a scientist, or that the results of his research is conclusive.
But he DOES draw a correlation between wrist thickness and punching power. His argument seems well thought out. And it's not as simple as thick wrists = POWER!!!
It's more along the lines of - bone size relating to ideal weight, and the amount of red blood cells produced by bone marrow in relation to your overall weight/mass.

Give it a read - i promise you don't need a PHD to understand it, and again - no one (not even the writer) is guaranteeing the conclusiveness of his study - but again, it's just some compelling observations that deserve some serious thought.


There's a simple formula he proposes to calculate ideal body weight, and when compared to actual fighters and success at certain weights - it seems to hold water.

Actually bad news for me. It suggests that my wrists are tiny (about 5.5 inches) - and i should be a featherweight (should be 122 lbs vs. competition weight 139 lbs). Again, I won't take this to be bible, but it does have me thinking. I've never been much of a power puncher, but I have definitely been stronger at lower weights.
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