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Default Music & Boxing: Which Boxer Has The Best Taste In Music Right Now

Discalimer: sorry in advanced if this post looks wierd or formats in a wierd color there is something wrong with my monitor right now

okay, so many boxers like to feature either music or songs before they enter the ring, it pumps them up and gets them READY for the fight I understand that, however have u ever said to yourself "why did they write that song" or "why did they pick a song that sound bd" WELL now is your chance 2 sound off _ i made a poll of the best boxers and music & I am hoping u guys will vote on who has the best choice in music for their arrival 2 the ring & also this IS AN OPEN POLL which mean u can put your own choice if I did not include except it won't go in the poll but your voice will be heard and i will read it = thanks
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