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Default Re: Anyone watching Fight For Life?

Originally Posted by The Jackal View Post

But you're a ****ing connstruction worker

I've got a good mate who's a brickie, he used to always drive to work, then he got a job going in the city, smack bang in the CBD, he pretty much had to get a train, ****ing loved it, he's never looked back, early morning, plenty of room, air conditioned, sit back & read the paper with a coffee & no stres & angst of driving in traffic

I've seen the future son, i've been to many a big city, worked in a few, you wouldnt dream of driving in London going to work etc, Sydneys the same, get with the times, & like i said, i get plenty extra for the supposed "inconvienence"
OK i had to stop reading'
I have spent 12 of my adult years living abroad and living it up much better than you ever have in big cities dopey.
I'll be catching the train from home a few stops into town and back on friday, but that's for leisure not my career.
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