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Default Re: Anyone watching Fight For Life?

Originally Posted by The Jackal View Post

He's full off it like HTH.
He even offered Strike an essay writing tournament, last week.
Any thread involving Australia, he is on it like **** to a blanket, making a pickle of himself.
This dopey **** would have to be the easiest poster on ESB to wind up, he even responds when he's at the pub or playing golf, or as i suspect pretending he is.
Man i've even seen the **** trying to wiki his way through an argument after midnight on Sunday, I kept prodding the thick **** with a blunt stick, because i had the monday off, and it's free entertainment.
The loser has the mentality of a 14 year old with no mates.
Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
After England trounced us in the medal count at the Olympics and some of the poms were giving us some stick in the lounge as we would them if the results were reversed he lost it. He was in google overdrive trying to diminish their achievements questioning where their athletes were from and how they poached coaches from foreign countries etc. etc.
Funny stuff. But of course it's just a lark or a wind up to him. Yeah right WOR.
Originally Posted by The Jackal View Post
My all time faves are his spazz outs towards the Irish guy who surfs and lives in France.
Check the timelines, he loses it so hard he threatens to drown him in the "surf", punch him etc,
Funny thing is, that it's in the middle of the night in Straya and the bloke thinks he can still type let alone surf.
The thick **** is fully a wrong'n .
Originally Posted by kel View Post
Wide open **** is one of a kind........ Don't call him a bogan, he has never heard of the word

This **** is ****ing gold. **** getting owned here by the pommy gronks of the forum. Keep it coming boys.
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