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Default Re: Burns is 30 and wants a tune up before he fights Broner plus he wants a lot of $$

Originally Posted by Royal-T-Bag View Post
I dont think Burns has a problem with fighting anyone but because of FW we will never see this fight. Broner has 2 more fights at LW I'm guessing.....Burns turned down the Feb fight I doubt he'll get the call for Broners last one at LW now. Shame, after LW Broner will be going to 140 and onto bigger names like Rios/Garcia etc... Burns will have to move up in weight and get some big wins of his own to ever get another Broner fight offered and that'll be at least a couple years away at which time Burns might be past it and not able to beat the type of fighters he'd need to to get a big fight. I think team Burns ****ed up their chance at fame and glory and their biggest career payday, was it worth it? Maybe for his promoter and for his pocket if he can keep getting paid vs no hopers but I think Burns is a classy guy about legacy and he's gonna look back and say **** why didn't I take my one chance on the big stage. There's a good chance he might never get another shot at fame and glory in the boxing world and he's the only one that it will effect in the end, poor guy with FW.
You can take my word on this mate;Ricky will be hurting at the criticism because he's not one of those public figures who lets everything roll off his back.
His manager seemed far too keen to point out it was Ricky's decision.Why?
I have an idea myself,and it kinda points to the dynamic of their relationship as I see it(purely speculating of course)
I think you're spot on about Broner not hanging around and why would he?But Feb was not realistic when you consider what was at stake for Burns.His toughest fight and first time travelling.
That leads me to think that,given he's probably very upset about events of the last few weeks and the Xmas wage he's lost added to the wasted camp,Feb was far too soon.
He's not an "opponent" He's a legitiamte belt holder and has every right to a full preparation.I may be mistaken but most legitimate belt holders don't accept a career-defining fight at 6 or 7 weeks notice nowadays.
I hope you're wrong about this being the last chance(although I fear you're correct) and if another offer is made for later in the year and refused,then I think the people who know me as far as the forum goes know I will come on and eat well deserved crow curry.

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