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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
First of all Haye is a nobody. Marciano, and you all seem to forget this, was one of the greatest hwt champions ever to live. Rockys best punch was his right hand and he had one punch ko power...all time power. Being able to fight effectively a crouch is the way to beat very tall opponents. Marciano perfected his style and his weave, low crouch made him a tough target to hit cleanly. Walcott felt he could hit Rocky at will going into fight 1 and he found very soon Rocky was not an easy target. Wlad would have an issue hitting the crouching Marciano and to do so he will need to bend down. Once he does so his fragile chin which he does not tuck behind that jab that he drops will be his downfall. First on the button right hand by Marciano would be the beginning of the end. Immediately Wlad will get that I don't want to be here look in his eye and follow up shots end the fight. Marciano kos the glass chinned walking statue in 8 rounds.
Wlad has stamina issues. These guys dont know he consumes extra oxygen due to his muscular build. Marciano has the stamina of 20 Wladimir Klitschkos.
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