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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
Is he saying that DM would get 5M from the HBO and he himself would get 7M?

Wauw. Thats new. I frankly dont believe it. Jones must have a memory lapse. Jones normally got considerably less than 3M from HBO and now they offer 13M for both? I wont believe it untill there's a credible source confirming. Do you believe it? Honest!

We have a list of the people involved that tried to make the fight.


Roy's advisors along with HBO wanted a double header to promote a future fight. How is that not a commitment?
Because taking an undercard fight for peanuts without a guaranteed Jones shot would be stupid on DM's part and by definition non-commital on Jones' behalf.


Where's the 200K come from?

The double header would have led to a 6M fight.
Stop saying that or show a legitimate source saying Jones would commit to he deal.

He gave that up, to continue fighting for 1M purses.

He turned down Roy and the chance to win his hold belts back to fight Richard Hall twice.
And Jones continued fighting janitors and streetsweepers.


You're getting that desperate you're now trying to invent problems that were never there. Roy wasn't interested in Mike til 2003.

You think in 2001, if they'd have a staged the double header, Roy would suddenly have turned around and said, I don't want DM now, I want Mike Tyson at Heavy instead? Ok!
Jones would say and do whatever he pleased. Everybody knew that. I wouldn't believe anything untill I had a signed contract.

There isn't another side to the story.
So Jones' story is the whole truth?
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