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Default Re: Ricky Burns ducking Broner again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

mods i still can't believe u did this i'm cryingg right now literally crying I research this thread for 4 ****in hours yesterday looking up youtube videos that featured boxers ring entrances - listening for th lyrics even though its hard to hear reverberating through a stadium of thousands of cheering fans and then looked up the song on google u ****in heartless *******s anu ruined my hard work and the great discussion i'm just trying to help boxing but u ****ed up good this time boxing should be fun and free not controlled by u *******s we should be free 2 talk and im sure that PrinceNi worked hard on his thread to who could u guys do this to us fans and u just be careful because if u keep do this someday u ill lose all your visitors and then boom = no more ad money - please un csonolidadtate this thread i beg of you
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