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A lots been said and wrote about the Method has taught by Palmer . But without wanting to get in a argument or sound like i'm slagging of Ambrose who was a great trainer with the runs on the board to prove it , I can think back to when that book was released in Aust , and one of the kids i trained at the time , came up to me and said , I did'nt know you trained with Palmer and Famechon ect ,,

Thats because i did'nt was my answer , his reply was i've just read the book the method , and you train us just like it says in that book .. My answer was i just train you the correct way i was trained with enthasis on not being hit , and i try to show the importance of correct footwork , balance and movement .

I told him i train you basic boxing, which is shown by thousands all around the world , I had never heard of the method , although i had obviously heard and knew about Ambrose being a great trainer.

He was suprised and said well most of whats in the book about the method you already told us .

So all in all , i think to believe that the so called method was something Ambrose invented , is pushing it a bit far , I believe Ambrose just taught proper skills , but was probably better at it than most , hence his brilliant record , that was amassed in a time when boxers fought and dodged know one , and it was tougher to win titles than what it is now .
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