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Default Re: the method

I think you make a decent point there Trumpy.

(but) Ambrose Palmer did not invent the Method, but I think he reinvented/rejuvenated it. He certainly did not write about it, or ever go to a technical boxing book that prescribed its use.

Larry Foley born in the mid 1850s ? took claim to the methodology called The Method, I believe. I dont think he invented it either....probably he just collected or collated moves and grooves that he had used, or seen other boxers use....then he focused on its methodology more than others and became renowned for its invention. Collating information from other boxers and their skills is not invention, it is research, or study. So lets say that Larry Foley researched the good skills required to box and presented them at some stage in his lifetime. What he presented, worked well.

As I said, Ambrose was taught The Method by his father. Ambrose taught the method, but obviously did not teach it the same as his father or the same as Larry Foley. Like any academic teacher, different teachers use their different diagnosis of skill performance, and teach skills to gain the best results. Ambrose's greater skill I witnessed, was the way he TAUGHT; he was a brilliant and highly credible teacher. I mentioned the way he silently gained attention, and modelled the right way to throw punches, to duck and catch.

He wasn't a qualified teacher, but used all of his experiences, attitudes and inventive ways to bring out the best in his boxers. His use of repetition of the exercise (ROTE skills) was highly effective/brilliant. Ambrose used inventive teaching skills to teach the method....I suppose in someway he re-invented/rejuvenated the method. Much of what he taught can be seen in his own actions when he fought.(referring to the videos of him on you-tube) The defensive stance, and defense stragies he employs as he is fighting his opponents is his established methodology.

Another interesting thing about Ambrose's gym and his method: many worn out fighters, sacked or flattened, entered his gym and he gave them a few more years in their sport (a sort of rebirth for them), mainly by teaching them how to not get hit, and to use punches that had embedded defense strategies.

Cheers mate.

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