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Default Inconsistent Stamina

Hello , I was hoping to get some potential answers for a problem I've been having that my trainers haven't been able to answer.

I may get up at 12pm (unemployed I'm afraid) , eat at five and go training at 7. I typically eat peanut butter on toast and an apple and drink lots of water during the say. I'll find training challenging of course , including bag work , pads and sparring but I can handle it and I feel like I'm progressing.

When I go to train two days later or even the next week I will keep the exact same routine but I will just get out of breath extremely quickly or feel like I have no energy , and what I was able to accomplish with relative easy a few days ago is now extremely hard. But then the next time I might be absolutely fine again and so on.

Any ideas as to why this may be happening and what to do about it would be much appreciated.
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