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Default Re: Dana White comments on Pacquaio/marquez, calls arum a moron

Originally Posted by bigeddie27 View Post
Dana White will trash boxing as much as possible no matter what, and this is news why (btw I am a huge UFC fan)? The fight between Pacman and Marquez was actually quite good, and now I want to see a 5th match. I never thought I would ever want to see any 2 guys fight for a 5th time, but this might be the first. These guys (pacman, marquez, terrible, barrera) come from a golden age of 122/126/130 lber's. They should not even be fighting at 140/147 in any way, shape, or form. Who gives a **** if they aren't fighting the mayweathers, bradley's, etc.. in divisions 20lbs higher than where they should be.
Agreed completely, especially your statement that neither Marquez or Pacquiao should be fighting north of 135 lbs.

The reason Pacquiao had done well past lightweight speaks more of the poor level of competition at 147 lbs.
The only fighter there the last several years of elite caliber has been Mayweather himself, the rest of the top 10 have been slow, shot, or unskilled. None near elite.

Marquez climbing two weight classes to fight Mayweather is equivalent to Mayweather at this stage in his career going up a couple of weight classes and fighting a much younger and prime Andre Ward at a catchweight between middleweight and Supermiddleweight.
This fight can be signed at a catchweight of 163 lbs, then Ward can announce the day before the fight he cant make the catchweight and can come in at 167 lbs!

Its all about skill according to Mayweather fans anyways, so Mayweather should not have too much problems with Andre ward no matter what the weight would be.
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