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Default Re: Real Reason Floyd beat Marquez

Once again......maestro..

Doesnt matter if JMM is younger, older, on or ped's, better prepared at 147, etc.

Floyd is on another level. JMM is known as a technician but when you observe his fighting style you come to find out, he's really not all technical how people think. Case in point I gurantee you Broner at this point makes JMM look just like he did against Floyd. Keep in mind I dont even like Broner and Im not sold on him yet, but Broner most likely whitewashes JMM at this point. JMM is a brawler who will get in mexican stand offs. Against Manny you think what he did was some unbelievable **** but he slid a guy lunging into a punch. Both Manny and JMM cant fight out of a specific element of opponent that hits to not get hit(Broner, Floyd) so in reality there is a huge misconception. JMM is still a get hit to hit fighter when its all said at the end of the day. Not only does Floyd **** on him again but even the non-proven Broner ****s on these guys also. A square is a square, a circle is a circle, and a spade is a ****ing spade.


End thread for these fan bos who dont know **** about boxing.
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